Rossana Pettersén, PhD

Psychologist, researcher and innovator

​​A serial optimist working to cultivate psychological wellbeing through science and technology

I'm a Swedish -Peruvian psychologist with a PhD in Medical Science from the Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm. I've had the privilege to be trained by some of the best academics and clinicians in Latin America and Europe, including the great Hans Rosling. I'm a specialist in  Clinical Psychology and hold a MsC in Public Health with specialty in Suicide Prevention. 
Having lived and worked in developing and developed countries, I consider my self an adaptation expert. 
 I don't go for safe projects, I like challenges, especially if the outcome will bring psychological wellbeing to individuals.

Who am I

I focus on areas where there is need of psychological help and deliver actionable solutions. Currently, I'm a researcher at EQ Accelerator creating virtual environments where people can learn, practice and develop skills related to their emotional intelligence such as stress tolerance, empathy and assertivness.  

What I do

Having been trained as a scientist, research and evidence-based practice are at the core of my work. However, I don't stop at research. I aim towards identifying problems and finding research-based solutions that are innovative and actionable. I want my work to have the most impact and I beliveve that technology can be used to accelerate the translation of knowledge into practice at a large scale and lower cost.

How I work

I am the Head of research at EQ Accelerator, a health-tech company offering a VR platform where employees can develop their emotional intelligence. Thriving and sustainable companies are driven by emotionally intelligent people i.e individuals who are smart at handling interpersonal relationships through understanding their own  feelings and those of others, such as collegues or customers. 
We want to democratize emotional and social growth with the help of technology. Full immersion in virtual reality optimizes presence, which leads to higher levels of focus and efficiency. 
Our VR platform creates a tailored call for action for each individual user, based on their needs. EQ development, in business, has a big impact on employee well-being and performance. We help companies to improve metrics such as absentism, employee turnover and engagement. 

    Where I work